To produce elegant, vineyard designate Roussanne and Zinfandel wines of luxury and depth, we first and foremost farm concentrated fruit, and then pick early to retain varietal characters and site expression and to avoid high alcohol and overripe flavors. In the winery we carry out ‘old world’ fermentation techniques to impart stability and finesse, and ultimately develop a textural and structured framework by way of extended barrel aging on the lees and bottle aging before release.

The result is a classic wine style offering a dense, full-length palate littered in mouthfeel and finishing with succulence all the while accompanied by a range of savory and fruity aromatics and flavors. Full of acid and texture our food wines marry cuisine beautifully.

The morning of a Roussanne harvest at our cooler climate Landa Vineyard. Farmed to produce concentrated clusters, the fruit was then picked earlier in the growing season to harness a classically structured wine of depth


Pruning Zinfandel for concentration at Rustridge Vineyard.

Concentrated fruit is not ultra ripe fruit; that’s an advanced state of the fruit’s development, not a reflection of the fruit’s intensity of composition. We pick early to maintain a classically structured wine that pairs well to food. If you pick early and intend to make a great wine though, your fruit better be concentrated. To learn how we farm for concentration, watch our 6 minute video here or head over to watch it on Facebook.


Give Roussanne a shot with oysters. The girth and viscosity on the Roussanne matches the fatness of the oyster’s body. When an oyster’s richness falls short on the finish, our Roussanne’s brightness drives both flavors back with its acid.

Full of earth, pepper, spice, briar fruit, & acid, our
Zinfandel is king when pairing smoky BBQ, game,
Portabellas, roasted foods, or rich herby pastas.