Hailing from the South of France in the Rhone Valley, the Roussanne varietal is expressed with a bold richness in this warm climate grape growing area. Conversely, situated in Eastern France at the base of the French Alps, Savoie is a cool climate grape growing area that renders delicate and perfumed Roussanne wines. Planted acreage of Roussanne is extremely sparse in California and the wines can reach unctuously high ripeness levels in our warm and bountiful climate, less the grape growers and winemakers who show restraint.

What makes Roussanne a great white wine varietal of the world is the fact that it does have adaptability and can radiate varying personalities based on where it is grown. Our brand, Muddy Arch, examines the rarely planted Roussanne varietal from top Northern California vineyard sites to expose the nuances of these local microclimates. Producing our wines in a classic wine style by utilizing balanced Roussanne fruit that is less ripe rewards us with lean and precise white wines that express a spectrum of notes from pungent stone fruit to brimming citrus to a deep honey.

Our Roussanne focused brand, Muddy Arch, refers to the muddy and dangerous Mississippi River on whose Western bank the gorgeous and delicate St. Louis Arch stands. This visual dichotomy of strength and finesse is reminiscent of the layered structure found in our Roussanne wines. Furthermore, deemed ‘The Gateway to the West’, the St. Louis Arch is a national monument symbolizing exploration and westward expansion. With fortitude, Muddy Arch is pioneering detailed insight to the varietal’s varied Northern California terroir.